Environmental, Social & Governance Practices

RPM’s commitment to ensuring safe, ethical and sustainable business practices has been a vital part of its culture and ethos for decades. At RPM, these values run deeper than just complying with industry regulations. It’s about putting into play practices that not only drive RPM’s continued growth, but maximize long-term value for the greater good of its customers, associates, suppliers, communities and shareholders. Ultimately, this helps to build a better world—leaving behind a lasting legacy we can all celebrate.


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Many of RPM’s products, services and processes drive sustainability by helping its customers minimize their environmental footprint. Energy efficiency, zero landfill, renewable resource use, greener chemistry, life cycle analysis, LEED support and emissions reductions are among RPM’s diverse sustainability initiatives that continue to earn the trust of its customersand stakeholders.

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RPM’s operating companies strive to be good corporate stewards in everything they do. In fact, it’s a deep-rooted tenet of RPM’s corporate philosophy: The Value of 168. By contributing time, talent and resources, RPM makes a positive impact on the global communities in which it operates—in turn helping them to prosper economically, culturally and socially.

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Guided by a belief that what is good for its associates is good for the business and shareholders, RPM has developed governance practices that build upon the success of its 14,600 associates worldwide and promote balanced decisions that keep the interests of all stakeholders at heart. With its leading code of conduct, commitment to transparency, independent board and generous benefits program, RPM fosters a culture of excellence, diversity and inclusivity.

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