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reportable segment, which include the following: the foam division of a corporation based in St. Louis, Missouri, which sells consumer polyurethane foam in the consumer do-it-yourself market as well as the professional industrial market; and a decorative and specialty coatings company located in the Netherlands. There were also several acquisitions during fiscal 2017 that report through our industrial reportable segment, which include the following: a manufacturer of commercial waterproofing products based in Australia; a specialist civil engineering and construction organization focusing on bridges, roads and major structures based in Mount Airy, North Carolina; a manufacturer of specialty high performance coatings serving the global oil and gas pipeline market headquartered in Langley, British Columbia, Canada; a manufacturer of foam tapes used in construction and industrial applications based in the U.K.; a company based in Richmond, Missouri, which manufactures resins, intermediates, hardeners and curing agents for use in epoxy and polyurethane materials; and a manufacturer of specialty chemicals and equipment for infrastructure construction and repair headquartered in Conyers, Georgia. Lastly, we acquired a product line that reports through our specialty reportable segment, which was a manufacturer of professional equipment and chemicals for cleaning and restoring carpet, upholstery and hard flooring surfaces based in Chandler, Arizona.

During the fiscal year ended May 31, 2016, we completed seven acquisitions. Two of the prior-year acquisitions report through our consumer reportable segment, which included the following: the assets associated with nail enamel filling lines and related equipment, based in Newburgh, New York; and a manufacturer of concrete care coatings and sealants for the

retail market based in Auburndale, Florida. There were also two product line acquisitions during fiscal 2016 that report through our industrial reportable segment, which included the following: a manufacturer of construction adhesives, sealants and tapes based on Calgary, Alberta, Canada; and a manufacturer of extruded silicone sheets for the North American commercial construction and OEM markets based in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Lastly, there were three acquisitions of product lines during fiscal 2016 that report through our specialty reportable segment, which included the following: a distributor of a full line of fuel additives based in Battle Creek, Michigan; a plastic molding supplier and manufacturer of fans and radiators for the auto aftermarket based in Fife, Washington; and a manufacturer of high-strength egg white products and specialized stabilizers for meringue toppings and desserts based in LaGrange, Illinois. During fiscal 2016, we also executed the divestiture of one small product line.

During fiscal 2016, we also acquired the remaining 51% of our Chinese joint venture, as further described in Note A(17) below.

The purchase price for each acquisition has been allocated to the estimated fair values of the assets acquired and liabilities assumed as of the date of acquisition. While the valuations of consideration transferred and total assets acquired and liabilities assumed are substantially complete, measurement period adjustments may be recorded in the future as we finalize certain fair value estimates. The primary areas that remain preliminary relate to the fair values of deferred income taxes for acquisitions completed during fiscal 2017. Acquisitions are aggregated by year of purchase in the following table:



     Fiscal 2017 Acquisitions             Fiscal 2016 Acquisitions  
(In thousands)   


Intangible Asset

Amortization Life

(In Years)


Intangible Asset
Amortization Life

(In Years)


Current assets

      $ 78,565                       $ 20,094              

Property, plant and equipment

        59,630                         4,771              


     N/A        75,361                      N/A        29,762              

Tradenames - indefinite lives

     N/A        12,251                      N/A        -              

Other intangible assets

     14        83,447                      9        18,441              

Other long-term assets

              460                                     27              

Total Assets Acquired

            $ 309,714                                   $ 73,095              

Liabilities assumed

              (51,344)                                        (21,379)             

Net Assets Acquired

            $       258,370(1)                                $ 51,716(2)           


(1) Figure includes cash acquired of $4.2 million.


(2) Figure includes cash acquired of $6.5 million.

Our Consolidated Financial Statements reflect the results of operations of acquired businesses as of their respective dates of acquisition. Pro-forma results of operations for the years ended May 31, 2017 and May 31, 2016 were not materially different from reported results and, consequently, are not presented.


5) Foreign Currency

The functional currency for each of our foreign subsidiaries is its principal operating currency. Accordingly, for the periods presented, assets and liabilities have been translated using exchange rates at year end, while income and expense for the periods have been translated using a weighted-average exchange rate.

The resulting translation adjustments have been recorded in accumulated other comprehensive income (loss), a component of stockholders’ equity, and will be included in net earnings only upon the sale or liquidation of the underlying foreign investment, neither of which is contemplated at this time. Transaction gains and losses increased during the last three

fiscal years due to the strengthening of the U.S. dollar, resulting in net transactional foreign exchange losses for fiscal 2017, 2016 and 2015 of approximately $6.4 million, $24.4 million and $22.3 million, respectively.

6) Cash and Cash Equivalents

We consider all highly liquid debt instruments purchased with a maturity of three months or less to be cash equivalents. We do not believe we are exposed to any significant credit risk on cash and cash equivalents. The carrying amounts of cash and cash equivalents approximate fair value.






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