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Data privacy and data security considerations could impact our business.

The interpretation and application of data protection laws in the U.S., Europe, including but not limited to the General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”), and elsewhere are uncertain and evolving. It is possible that these laws may be interpreted and applied in a manner that is inconsistent with our data practices.  Complying with these various laws is difficult and could cause us to incur substantial costs or require us to change our business practices in a manner adverse to our business.  Further, although we are implementing internal controls and procedures designed to ensure compliance with the GDPR and other privacy-related laws, rules and regulations (collectively, the “Data Protection Laws””), there can be no assurance that our controls and procedures will enable us to be fully compliant with all Data Protection Laws.

Despite our efforts to protect sensitive information and confidential and personal data, comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations and implement data security measures, our facilities, and systems may be vulnerable to security breaches and other data loss, including cyber-attacks and, in fact, we have experienced data security incidents that have not had a material impact on our financial results.  In addition, it is not possible to predict the impact on our business of the future loss, alteration or misappropriation of information in our possession related to us, our employees, former employees, customers, suppliers or others. This could lead to negative publicity, legal claims, theft, modification or destruction of proprietary information or key information, damage to or inaccessibility of critical systems, manufacture of defective products, production downtimes, operational disruptions and other significant costs, which could adversely affect our reputation, financial condition and results of operations.

Although we have insurance, it may not cover every potential risk associated with our operations.

Although we maintain insurance of various types to cover many of the risks and hazards that apply to our operations, our insurance may not cover every potential risk associated with our operations. The occurrence of a significant adverse event, the risks of which are not fully covered by insurance, could have a material adverse effect on our financial condition and results of operations. Moreover, no assurance can be given that we will be able to maintain adequate insurance in the future at rates we consider reasonable.

Adverse weather conditions may reduce the demand for some of our products and could have a negative effect on our sales.

From time to time, adverse weather conditions in certain parts of the U.S. and other countries in which we do business have had an adverse effect on our sales of paint, coatings, roofing, construction products and related products. For example, unusually cold and rainy weather, especially during the general construction and exterior painting season, could have an adverse effect on sales of such products. As a result, we have historically experienced weaker sales and net income in our third fiscal quarter (December through February) in comparison to our performance during our other fiscal quarters.



Item 1B.  Unresolved Staff Comments.

Not Applicable.



Item 2.  Properties.

Our corporate headquarters and a plant and offices for one subsidiary are located on a 119-acre site, which we own in Medina, Ohio. As of May 31, 2017, our operations occupied a total of approximately 15.8 million square feet, with the majority, approximately 13.3 million square feet, devoted to manufacturing, assembly and storage. Of the approximately 15.8 million square feet occupied, approximately 8.0 million square feet are owned and approximately 7.8 million square feet are occupied under operating leases.



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