SEC Document


Our businesses are subject to varying domestic and foreign laws and regulations that may restrict or adversely impact our ability to conduct our business.

Our businesses are subject to varying domestic and foreign laws and regulations that may restrict or adversely impact our ability to conduct our business.  These include securities, environmental, health, safety, tax, competition and anti-trust, trade controls, data security, employment and privacy laws and regulations.  These laws and regulations change from time to time and thus may result in increased costs to us related to our compliance therewith.  From time to time regulators review our compliance with applicable laws. We have not always been, and may not always be, in full compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to our business and, thus enforcement actions, fines and private litigation claims and damages, which could be material may occur, notwithstanding our belief that we have in place appropriate risk management and compliance programs to mitigate these risks.

If our efforts in acquiring and integrating other companies or product lines or establishing joint ventures fail, our business may not grow.

As an important part of our growth strategy, we intend to continue pursuing acquisitions of complementary businesses or products and creating joint ventures. Our ability to continue to grow in this manner depends upon our ability to identify, negotiate and finance suitable acquisitions or joint venture arrangements. Execution of our acquisition strategy with respect to some companies or product lines could fail or could result in unanticipated costs to us that were not apparent despite our due diligence efforts, either of which could hinder our growth or adversely impact our results of operations.  In addition, acquisitions and their subsequent integration involve a number of risks, including, but not limited to:


inaccurate assessments of disclosed liabilities and the potentially adverse effects of undisclosed liabilities;


unforeseen difficulties in assimilating acquired companies, their products, and their culture into our existing business;


unforeseen delays in realizing the benefits from acquired companies or product lines, including projected efficiencies, cost savings, revenue synergies and profit margins;


unforeseen diversion of our management’s time and attention from other business matters;


unforeseen difficulties resulting from insufficient prior experience in any new markets we may enter;


unforeseen difficulties in retaining key employees and customers of acquired businesses; and


increases in our indebtedness and contingent liabilities, which could in turn restrict our ability to raise additional capital when needed or to pursue other important elements of our business strategy.

We derive a significant amount of our revenues from foreign markets, which subjects us to additional business risks that could adversely affect our results of operations.

Our foreign manufacturing operations accounted for approximately 34% of our net sales for the fiscal year ended May 31, 2017, not including exports directly from the U.S. which accounted for approximately 2% of our net sales for fiscal 2017. We plan to continue to grow our international operations and the growth and maintenance of such operations could be adversely affected by Brexit, changes in political and economic conditions, inflation rates, trade protection measures, restrictions on foreign investments and repatriation of earnings, changing intellectual property rights, difficulties in staffing and managing foreign operations and changes in regulatory requirements that restrict the sales of our products or increase our costs. Further, we may be unable to keep current with changes in foreign government requirements and laws as they change from time to time. Failure to comply with these regulations could have adverse effects on our results of operations.

Significant foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations may harm our financial results.

We conduct business in various regions throughout the world and are therefore subject to market risk due to changes in the exchange rates of foreign currencies in relation to the U.S. dollar.  Because our consolidated financial statements are presented in U.S. dollars, increases or decreases in the value of the U.S. dollar relative to other currencies in which we transact business could materially adversely affect our net revenues, operating income and the carrying values of our assets located outside the U.S.  For example, Brexit caused significant volatility in global stock markets and currency exchange rate fluctuations that resulted in the strengthening of the U.S. dollar against foreign currencies in which we conduct business.  Such strengthening of the U.S. dollar relative to other currencies may adversely affect our operating results.



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